Course 55164:Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map and Power BI
This course is designed to teach the participant how to combine the functionality of Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, and Power BI into graphs, charts, KPIs, reports, and other visualizations for use in their business. This course is lab example intensive. After completing this course, students will be able to:*Navigate the Power View interface; *Utilize Power View reports; *Work with tables; *Configure calculated columns are calculated fields; *Create PivotTables; *Understand and utilize DAX; *Navigate the Power Query interface; *Navigate the Power Map interface; *Navigate the Power BI interface
About this course:

  • Audience(s): Information workers
  • Technology: Data Analytics
  • Level: 200
  • This Revision: A
  • Delivery method: Classroom
  • Length: 2 days

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Course Overview
  • Module 2: Power View
  • Module 3: PowerPivot
  • Module 4: Power Query
  • Module 5: Power Map
  • Module 6: Introduction to Power BI

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