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Cursuri office 365 Modern Desktop Administrator

Curs MD-100T01: Curs Installing Windows 10

About this course: In this course, students will learn how to support the installation tasks associated with Windows 10.

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Curs MD-101T01: Deploying the Modern Desktop

About this course: As desktops has evolved, so have methods for deploying and updating them.

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Curs MD-101T02: Managing Modern Desktops and Devices

About this course: As demand for organizations to enable workforces to be more mobile, a desktop administrator’s role is really is no longer about just “desktop” management.

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Cursuri office 365 Security Administrator

Curs MS-500T01: Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access

About this course: Help protect against credential compromise with identity and access management.

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Curs MS-500T02: Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection

About this course: Threat protection helps stop damaging attacks with integrated and automated security.

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Curs MS-500T03: Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection

About this course: Information protection is the concept of locating and classifying data anywhere it lives.

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